Accountancy office N.J.M. Veeken was founded in 2004, as partnership of two entrepreneurs. We started our business from scratch, full of belief that: ‘every new day brings a new chance’.  Shortly after we realized that there are many potential clients from different part of Europe who are seeking Dutch accountancy services. Therefore, we had to employee our first workers. Diversity of our customers made our company develop significantly during past eight years, in terms of workforce as well as service package.

Today, we have harmonious team of employees that is our valuable asset. We are specialized accountancy and tax advice office that work with people and for people. Our work with customer is based on ability to listen and mutual understanding. We strive to offer professional help, not only in the field of accounting, but also in solving complex problems related to the Dutch authorities.

Because we work with companies of various sizes that operate in diverse industries, we are able to approach each client individually. Fairness, thoroughness and competence of our employees are guarantee of professional and comprehensive customer service.

Joh. Enschedeweg 62   •   1422 DR Uithoorn      Tel. 0297 - 526 953      Fax 0297 - 527 564
Adres do korespondencji: Postbus 607
      1420 CC Uithoorn
K.v.K. Utrecht 30194202      Beconnr: 481 397

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