Sofi-number for the partner

The following documents are required to apply for Sofi-number for your partner:
- A copy of partner’s identity card / passport
- A copy of the marriage certificate (European / International Print)
- Certificate of partner’s registration on certain address (translated into English / Dutch or German language)

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Completion of work and stay in the Netherlands

When leaving the borders of the Netherlands for good, it is very important to remember few important issues:

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Income vs. allowances (Toeslagen)

Healthcare, housing, child and childcare allowance can be asked in a very simple way. However, only few people remember that changes in income have a large impact on the amount of allowances. It is very important to control the incomes mentioned at the Belastingdienst decisions and make all necessary adjustments.

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Stopping healthcare allowance (Zorgtoeslag)

Zorgtoeslag should be stopped immediately when the person is not insured in the Netherlands. Right to health insurance expires on when a person:
-    has no income from the Netherlands
-    do not receive benefits from the UWV (e.g. WW-uitkering, WAZO-uitkering, etc.)
-    has no residence address in the Netherlands

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