Zorgtoeslag 2012 (healthcare allowance) for people with no residence address in the Netherlands

We kindly ask all of our customers who do ot have the residence address in the Netherlands and who have not applied for Zorgtoeslag 2012 to contact our office. Application for Zorgtoeslag 2012 takes much more time. Belastingdienst does not offer a program to apply for Zorgtoeslag 2012 online, therefore paper forms have to be ordered. This procedure looks as follows:

Firstly, Belastingdienst has to be called and application forms have to be ordered. These forms are sent within 3 weeks to the foreign address (residence address) of the customer. Next, they have to be filled in and reguired documents have to be attachted to it, i.e. health insurance policy regarding year 2012 and 2 recent proofs of payment for the health insurance (bank statement or paycheck). Finally, these attachments together with application can be sent.

The deadline for this application is 31.08.2013. Applications after this date are not taken into consideration.

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