We are a team of young, energetic and passionate people, supervised by Mr Veeken, a qualified accountant with many years of work experience. Even though, each of us is interested in different field of finance and accountancy, we managed to create a harmonious team.

We believe that an enterprise is made to develop continuously; therefore we always stay up to date with changes introduced to the financial and tax market.

Our main strength is partner-like attitude toward the customers. We focus on building good relation with our customers; relation that is based on ability to listen and respect each other.  Friendly attitude toward our customers are their problems convinces us that every case can be solved. There may be potential difficulties and obstacles that hinder the case, but also they can be overcome.

Would you like to meet our team? Just come along and check our proffesionalism and honesty.



Joh. Enschedeweg 62   •   1422 DR Uithoorn      Tel. 0297 - 526 953      Fax 0297 - 527 564
Adres do korespondencji: Postbus 607
      1420 CC Uithoorn
K.v.K. Utrecht 30194202      Beconnr: 481 397

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