We offer accuntaning and tax-advice services. Nevertheless, we try not to limit our offering, but rather have individual insight into each and every case.


We offer following services:

  • bookkeeping for businesses
  • VAT accounting
  • filing tax return forms for individuals and business owners while taking into account applicable tax reliefs
  • appealing against unfair decisions issued by Belastingdienst that regard surtax and tax returns
  • advising on the mortgage, as well as the mortgage interest deduction from income tax


Furthermore, we offer assistance with:

  • application for child benefit
  • application for healthcare allowance, housing allowance and child allowance
  • application for childcare allowance
  • application for unemployment benefit for individuals registered in the Netherlands
  • application for basic health insurance
  • application for social housing
  • ordering and filling in ‘AOW pensioenoverzicht’ form
  • ordering various forms, i.e. E106, E109, A1/E101, E301


We offer competitive prices, that are based on service package that a customer is interested in. For more information, please contact us.


Joh. Enschedeweg 62   •   1422 DR Uithoorn      Tel. 0297 - 526 953      Fax 0297 - 527 564
Adres do korespondencji: Postbus 607
      1420 CC Uithoorn
K.v.K. Utrecht 30194202      Beconnr: 481 397

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